Committed to the support of your customers

To meet your customer support needs, BILLAPAY’s dedicated call center is open 24/7/365. Support agents are available to answer customer questions via phone, email or live chat.

Call center support is available to every BILLAPAY client and includes:

  • Full-service support: Whether customers have a question about a payment or are having technical issues, call center agents help resolve and troubleshoot all inquiries quickly and efficiently.
  • Customizable options: Place your unique toll free number, email address and chat link on your company’s website to give customers direct access to the BILLAPAY call center. You also have control over your business policies and billing terms.
  • Quality control: In an effort to continuously improve customer interactions, calls may be monitored or recorded to ensure high-quality service and adherence to your preferences.

BILLAPAY’s support team is here to help build trust and confidence in your online store.

Four reasons why you should outsource your call center

Lower Cost

Saving money is the single best reason to outsource your call center. Starting your own call center requires enormous investments in technology, training and personnel—investments an outsourced call center has already made. And even if you’re already operating a call center, an outsourced center will likely be more efficient and less expensive.

Experienced Agents
Agents at an outsourced call center receive training that includes vocal coaching, rapport techniques and gatekeeping skills. They’re experienced with detailed scripts and Frequently Asked Questions, so they’re prepared for anything.

No Staffing Headaches
With an outsourced call center, all the potential hassles of handling agents are someone else’s problem. You or your managers will never have to hold a negative job review, tell someone they’re fired or worry about being sued for wrongful termination.

Full and Flexible Staffing

Short on agents? Your service suffers. Too many agents on duty? There goes your bottom line. An outsourced call center can spread its personnel over several clients, so they have the flexibility to allocate just the right number to your inbound or outbound campaigns.

A top outsourced call center gives you advantages in cost, efficiency and flexibility. Ask us how an outsourced calling center can help grow your business.